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Making Your Midlife Matter is a series of 7 radio episodes, each episode a signpost on the map to the happiest and healthiest midlife and beyond.  First is our introduction to our unique midlife concepts, including wabi washing, a tool to be used at each signpost.  Then we come to the Fork in the Road, when the pause happens and the choice of following the tried path or forging a new one is made.  Next, we Start Somewhere exploring the power behind this amazing third chapter of life. Our reason for still being here, our Ikigai, is a not to be missed episode.  Along this midlife map there are many places of great beauty, Oasis and Hidden Gems, and we will spend an episode exploring those.  Best friend ology is another term we have coined for one of the most valued gifts of this, or any, time of life, and we life-long friends have so much to share in this episode.  And last, yet certainly not least, we will have Happy Hour, to celebrate in a fun way all we have seen and done in our midlife travels.   These seven episodes are created to add longevity to your life, and as importantly, life-gevity to your years.  Creating a new map to Midlife Possibilities, we can’t wait to have you with us each week. 

We are so happy to be a part of the community Radio stations in Vancouver and Penticton, BC

Remember, this radio episode will be up for seven days, so you can share it, listen again, tell all your Midlife friends about it.  Then it will be gone. Make sure you listen on Mondays.

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When Is Midlife?


Leigh says:


Recently Crystal and I were talking to some women in the checkout line, about this book. At the time, we were in the process of finishing it. ” I’m 40,”, said one, “and I’m 55”, said her friend, “and I “, chimed the third, “just turned 64″. ” We all want to read your book,” said the 55 year old, “but which of us are in Midlife?”

It was clear we needed some definition as to the age of this stage, of our lives.

The good news is that we don’t think Midlife ends, until you want it to. We plan on being in permanent Midlife creation-appreciation mode, until they cremate us.

Our new Midlife mindset, that has given us so much joy, won’t die, until we do. So, if that’s when it ends, when does it start?

Midlife, we feel, starts when you make the transition away from the ability to procreate. The child bearing years require a specific set of hormones, eggs, gestational tools really, in case you decide to have a baby. When baby making finishes, it is sad for many especially if they have never had a child, or wished another.

Yet having a child is not in the cards for everyone. It was hit and miss that I would ever bring a baby to term. Some of us have great challenges making babies, and others don’t feel the pull to parenthood. Not every woman finds a mate, to match with. Some put off having children until they find the parenthood door has closed, permanently. Adoption for others is not a possibility or perhaps an option.

With or without children, we all wake one day with our periods behind us and that is when our Midlife truly begins to take shape.

This begins a stirring, inside us.

Amazing things are being seeded; a different birthing is about to happen.

It’s naive to think women’s creation is solely about pro-creation.

Women are the masters of creation, much beyond the replication of our species. We create customs and traditions with those we care about. We create a sense of home and community. We create harmony and unison. We create love, really. That’s our forte.

Midlife, is the ultimate release time, of this raw creation process we are programmed with. Queen of the night is a rare species of Cactus that only releases its heavenly perfume in darkness. With the setting of the sun, the nocturnal garden awakes and the night shift takes over.

Midlife can be like this.

Do you remember that awkward time between being a teenager, and suddenly a young woman? I do. I wanted a cuddle and to borrow my mother’s heels at the same time. Midlife can be like this.

The shift is pronounced in some, more subtle in others. Some women find a dark fog settling in. Some feel depressed perhaps for the first time in their life. A time when things cause you to stop, often abruptly, like catching a glimpse of yourself as you pass the hall mirror, and not recognizing who is reflected back.

These breaks, or pauses, bless us, as they wake us, from our trance, allowing us to begin building our first pillar in the foundation of new Midlife authenticity and ultimately, our happiness.

Midlife is that earnest call from that creation channel deep within you.

Whatever it is that you still need to do will begin to whisper.

Midlife creates, and demands a new inward turning. It is a time to listen to what you hear.



Leigh says:

Wabi Women are writing their application for an amazing midlife! Here is mine!


Application for an Amazing Midlife

We have all filled out enough job applications in our time, but when did we fill out an application to star in our own amazing life?

Truth is, we didn’t apply.  We were just grand mothered in. Yet, we have many attributes, by Midlife, other younger applicants simply don’t.

To help prepare for this adventure ahead, we are going to design a creative resume. Think of all the skill sets you now possess at this ripe age. There are lots of things you do much better at now, than you did when you were younger.

Maybe you are more patient, kinder, more diplomatic. Perhaps you are a tough negotiator, a seasoned public speaker, an excellent communicator.

Create a list of your developed talents and attributes as a Midlife woman. Be bold! Be funny! Be honest.

Start by listing all your top qualities, the things you can do at the drop of a hat.











Once you have some ideas, get to work on making a resume that really stands out from the pack.

How would you best sell yourself?

What would your Amazing Application for Midlife focus on?