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You can listen to us Live on Vancouver Co Op Radio and Peach City Radio in Penticton.

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MONDAY at NOON on Vancouver Co Op Radio 100.5FM

Or MONDAY at 9pm , TUESDAY at 7am, and THURSDAY at 4pm, on Peach City Radio 92.9FM

We are so excited to be able to bring radio shows you can access anywhere in the world.  Streaming live from CFUZ Radio in beautiful Penticton BC, or on CFRO Vancouver Co Op Radio.

Wabi Women is fresh, provocative and always fun. Together, Crystal and I will explore in our half hour show, the new modern midlife and beyond, that a growing demographic of Wabi Women  are creating.  Wabi Women are not content to follow their mother’s third chapter of life, and are living longer, healthier and creatively sparked years, that are built on the nine pillars that we have coined in our book Just Push Play- on Midlife.

Wabi Women will tap into the secrets of Wabi Washing, whose roots lie deep in the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi, and begin examining their lives by asking three simple questions.  Each show will have easy takeaways for listeners, thinking prompts, and creative exercises to do in the week ahead.

This new map for Midlife, will be interactive with our listeners, and we invite to send us your thoughts and discoveries as you make this journey with us.

Stay tuned and listen live, or go to our podcasts on this website.

We are building a community of Wabi Women, and invite you to join our tribe!



This is an important aspect of our show, and one that sets us apart. We want all midlife women and beyond, to approach their life with the idea that their world could improve with a radical  a fresh cleaning, your life needs something we have coined as

” wabi washing”.

There are three key questions to ask as you go through this process.

  1. What is important?
  2. What is unnecessary?
  3. Where is the shine?

Wabi washing comes from the concept of Wabi Sabi. You can read more about Wabi Sabi

under the tab Wabi Sabi right beneath The Book- Just Push Play-on Midlife.