Guided Autobiography

“I believe that the memoir is the novel of the 21st century; it’s an amazing form that we haven’t even begun to tap”   Susan Cheever

Imagine a way to start your Life Story! 

In 6 weeks, with 6 themes, and two pages a week, you can create your Life Story project to remember and record your most significant life events and create a time capsule of your journey for self reflection or for future generations. cropped-img_1466.jpg

Guided Autobiography or GAB has been researched and developed by Dr. James Birren over the past 40 years as a method for helping people document their life stories. You can read more about Dr. Birren and his lifetime work and legacy here……The Birren Centre for Autobiographical Studies

GAB shows how to organize, record, and share life experiences through a proven and effective technique.

As a trained Guided Autobiography instructor, I will lead participants through themes and priming questions that evoke memories of events once known but filed away and seemingly forgotten. Writing and sharing life stories with others is an ideal way to find new meaning in life and to put life events into perspective. While connecting with one another on their journeys of self-discovery, participants feel enlivened by the group experience and gain a greater appreciation of their own lives and of the lives of others. 

Here is me with my Mom and Nana in England. I had just turned 5.


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