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Editing Services:

After completing Guided Autobiography level 1 and level 2, students are well on their way to having their Life Story take shape.  Some need additional help navigating how best to present their narrative as a finished product, and not just a random set of stories with no arc or structure.  Some GAB graduates wish to have their Life Story published.  Its a rough road ahead, but easier if you have someone to coach you along the way.

I offer editing services for my Guided Autobiography students who are working towards finishing their autobiography /Life Story/Memoir, and need some additional help.

The editing packages are available in sets of 3, 6 and 9 hours.

3 -one hour ($50,00) editing sessions: $150.00    5- one hour ($40.00) editing sessions: $240.00.  9-one hour ($33.00) editing sessions $297.00

We meet online ( ZOOM meeting) each week for one hour and review 800 – 1,000 words, either new writing or earlier work that needs some revision. Initially, the piece is orally presented, and I will give initial feedback on the style, content and general flow with suggestions and comments on improvement and structure building.  This session is often helpful, to simply get the students to keep writing on a regular weekly basis and get some feedback on how their work is developing.  In addition, after the piece is emailed,  I provide a detailed constructive written review for the student to have for reference as they rewrite and edit to improve and build towards a finished manuscript.


In addition, students can pick from the following individual one on one modules to enhance their likelihood of publication. All classes are one hour in length, and can be tailored to specific writing needs. These classes can be scheduled throughout the year.

Finding the universal themes: what will make your Life Story standout and get a publishers attention and how do I achieve this?  $150.00

How to write a treatment: ( If you dont know what this is, you need to take this module) $150.00

How to find an agent: that is receptive to your genre and write a successful query letter: $150.00

Imagine sending your Memoir to a publisher in the next year, We can make it happen.