On-line- During the Pandemic

E-Guided Autobiography Classes

With so many of us self isolating, or under a stay at home order, this can be a life saver.

I call this the Silver-Lining to this global crisis, a new allotment of free time to do things you may have always wished to do but never had the opportunity.

This is class is a way to find community and resilience, in this moment of solitude.

It is also a great way to give back to the community I live in, and the Arts Councils I support. All that is required is a built in mic and camera or an IPAD and an ear bud with built in microphone.

This online course is live and highly interactive and does not lose any of the intimacy of the classroom setting.  In many ways it is superior for allowing a more diverse group of people to converge from all over the planet ( depending on the time zones) and allows participants to relax more when reading their stories.  Time management is better, and participants usually can attend all of the sessions which is highly recommended.

If you are interested in doing guided autobiography with others in an online group, we will need to organize the time differences but it is highly do-able.

Participation is limited to 8 and the online classes fill up fast so mark your calendar.

Next online classes are soon.  Check under CLASSESScreen Shot 2020-03-28 at 2.24.18 PM

I would love to hear from you!








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