New Years Day


Our Awesome Things of 2017 Jar!

This was a great fun thing to do on New Year’s Day. Crystal and I made a list of the best things that we thought had happened in 2017.  Then we cut them into separate slips, and mixed them up in our awesome-ness jar. We then sat down together, poured ourselves a glass of wine, and drew a few of these “awesome things” and talked. Sometimes just the act of pausing and reviewing is extremely beneficial and calming.  While most of us are hurling into the next year, we thought all of us Wabi Women would benefit from just taking a few minutes to review what in the past year was great.  It always strikes me that within a 12 month stretch, we have so many great things that happen, we come to just accept that goodness and awesomeness comes regularly as a way of life, when we are indeed blessed beyond belief.