Midlife Mindset-Episode 9


This is our new series on the Midlife Brain and its amazing ability to reset our calendar age to our biological age, if we let it!

Crystal and I  think as midlife women and beyond we need to stop acting as society has prescribed us to act- less outgoing, less demonstrative,  frail and feeble – and start acting how we feel- strong, empowered wisdom keepers who have something to share with the world.

How we feel biologically has a lot to do with how we act.

There is so much to share with you today you might want to get out your Wabi Women notebook to jot down any thing that sparks interest amusement or thought. Then this week you can begin to chart the next seven weeks together as explore how to retool our mind and ignore the “what is suppose to happen now, calendars”,

Have a listen.