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Just Push Play- on Midlife

 Push Play-on Midlife. If you feel your Midlife is not big enough or loud enough to hold all the passion, purpose and play you need, this is your book. You have found the 9 essentials for a new Mindset for Midlife. Sparking creativity, you will color, paint, jot, journal, cut, paste and even rip some pages out making this playbook uniquely yours. In short, honest personal accounts, you share our Midlife dreams, disappointments and discoveries, from “Not becoming your Mother” to coloring back in your invisibility and scripting your own Midlife Matinee. As Midlife women who did not follow our mothers’ rules for dating, marriage and motherhood, why would we now be happy to follow an out-dated script for Midlife? Just Push Play is for Midlife women who grew up with autograph books and secret diaries, and who know the power of penning words to paper, painting powerful pictures, and playing for no other reason than the sheer joy of it! Just as your ancestors may have recorded pilgrimages or transoceanic voyages to new lands, with Just Push Play –On Midlife, you will also create, in one book, a detailed account of your midlife journey for yourself and for those who come after you. Please NB this is an e-book. You will require a blank workbook to use as a companion book for our creative prompts.


The start of a year long adventure!