Episode 2 The Midlife Fork in the Road

Episode 2 is all about the Midlife Fork in the Road.  A Fork in the Road reveals two possible paths for us to travel. Many of us in Midlife and beyond, don’t know we have a choice as to which path to follow.  Many of us, believe the current road signs pointing “over the hill” and “too old to do….” are the only option. Crystal and I got to the Fork in the Road, and knew those old signs were leading us in a direction we had no intention of following.  Wabi Women like us, will come to that proverbial Fork in the Road, and make a decision to leave the well-marked road of Midlife and beyond, and choose to go on the less trodden side.  We like to call it… the path of possibilities. But how do we do that? How do we make that switch to the other side at this proverbial Fork in the Road?

Listen to how our journey started….