My Story

“Most of us say we have written something, but in truth we mostly write around the edges”   

Leigh Morrow

On Top of Cathedral Mountain near my home in the Okanagan

I’m Leigh Morrow and for as long as I can remember I have been helping people tell their stories. All of us have stories and as an investigative reporter both in radio and television, on CBC, Global and City TV for over 27 years, I have been privileged to hear and share so many of those important narratives. With a degree in Journalism and a breath of experience from nearly three decades of interviewing, researching and digging deep for the many award winning investigative pieces such as the highly deadly bird flu epidemic in Vietnam or uncovering the controversial Summit notes of former Russian President Yeltsin, and the controversial Canada wide mortgage fraud  linked to grow-ops,  my passion was always about getting to the truth.  After retiring from broadcast journalism, and writing a book on the middle years,  “Just Push Play- on Midlife” teaching guided autobiography was a natural stepping stone. As a certified teacher of Guided Autobiography from The Birren Institute for Autobiographical Studies in California, and a member of The National Association of Memoir Writers,   I can share helpful writing tips with you after my years of experience in the trenches, writing succinct stories every day on every conceivable topic, and doing it all under deadline. I share helpful tools for you to use as you organize and tell your life stories, and improve your writing along the way.  At a time of rapid change and digital dominance, Guided Autobiography awards us a reprieve and a chance to catch our collective breath and review how things have come to be in our lives and how we have become who we are. . I believe our digital world, climate chaos and the mass amounts of information we consume daily has created a yearning to once again take stock of our lives, and write it down, an action that for most of us, is comfortingly familiar.

Just as your ancestors may have recorded pilgrimages or transoceanic voyages to new lands, with Guided Autobiography, you will create, in one book, a detailed account of your Life’s most significant passages, for yourself and for those who come after you.


Contact me : for a list of upcoming classes and online GAB Workshops.