Finding the Wabi 侘わび Sabi 寂さび


Isn’t this beautiful?  I found these intricate flowers made from tiny pieces of coloured glass, seashells and broken Chinese porcelain placed delicately into intricate patterns all exquisitely decorating the massive 70 meter high Temple of Dawn, in Thailand.

I was gobsmacked!

It was so Wabi Sabi! And so far from what we would find decorating any of our religious monuments in North America. Yet, I think the Wabi-ness was lost of most visiting that day as I certainly was the only one with my camera capturing the “flowers”.  I was drawn to how many there were, all slightly different, yet in an imperfect uniformity.


Wabi-Sabi appreciates a certain roughness, or simplicity and uniqueness that makes things beautiful, despite their imperfect shape and texture.

My love of everything Wabi, is my new lens from which I see the world. It is also how i struggle to live..some days successfully, others not so much, but I keep trying.

Wabi-sabi is a state of mindfulness, living in the now and finding satisfaction in our lives even when it’s so easy to fall into the trap of thinking the opposite.


Today, appreciation of the things we have, people we love, and the experiences we have the opportunity to weave into our lives is losing value.

Wabi-sabi represents a precious cache of wisdom that values tranquillity, harmony, beauty and imperfection, and can strengthen your resilience in the face of materialism.

It gently motions you to relax, slow down, step back from the hectic modern world and find enjoyment and gratitude in everything you do.  It also asks that you embrace your imperfections.

As Wabi Women, we delight in being  perfectly imperfect, just like these flowers.


The Temple of Dawn


One thought on “Finding the Wabi 侘わび Sabi 寂さび

  1. I love how you are celebrating the Wabi Sabi nature of the world by sharing your noticing, in the form of photos and writing. It is a huge gift . Thank you. A great part of the wisdom of midlife is in the noticing of the nature of things, and you do it in the most graceful and artistic way.


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