2019 Life Book

Crystal and I are making 2019 our best year yet, and we think our tribe of Wabi Women are looking for change as well.  If you want to tap into your creativity, spark big and small dreams, learn how to let go and make time for things that count keep reading.

Starting a New Year is always a great slate cleaner. Yet New Year’s Resolutions don’t work for most of us! Crystal and I have discovered a different approach that does work!  On this page, we will unpack the three questions around Wabi Washing, a term we coined after writing our first book Just Push Play on Midlife. Wabi washing can help you design a simpler, clearer, more purposeful path for 2019.

We will also be here to give you a nudge or two when you need it, with helpful prompts, fun and novel playtimes that make you turn ordinary objects into works of art, all with the aim of turning on the creative tap to making your Midlife matter.

So get ready !

This month buy a journal that will become your best friend in 2019. You may wish to design a cover that will help you start to personalize it. Make a pocket area in the back. Here is a picture of ours.  It’s super simple, I just used cardboard, tape and then decorated with some buttons.  This back pocket will hold all those little things- like Letters to your Future Self, that need a home in your Life Book 2019.

Check back to this page as we roll out our 2019 Life Book, with prompts, creative ideas and workshops to help you find your creative mojo!