A Day without a Woman

Come Wednesday, women around the  world are being asked to make a stand. Like  generations before us, who stopped washing dishes and wiping noses and put down their aprons to march in the dirt roads for equality and the right to vote, we are being asked to Strike.  Wednesday we are being encouraged to not  work either at our paid jobs, or doing all those unpaid jobs in our homes, hospitals and nursing homes that house our loved ones.
I’m self-employed and work a lot of hours completely alone so if I strike no one will be the wiser. The only person I hurt is me as what I don’t complete Wednesday will still be there Thursday. Lots of women do not have the financial advantage to strike, worried they may lose their job for not showing up or how to manage the shortfall of  being docked a days pay.  Im not sure in today’s competitive workplace and high unemployment numbers,  if not showing up Wednesday is a prudent plan. We are also being asked to buy absolutely  nothing.
This Im totally onboard with. It is a 
 great way to put a dent in  consumerism and 
demonstrate our significant influence in the economy and highlight the companies we support.   It’s a sure-fire way to wake up CEO’s on women’s issues and potentially use our hard-earned dollars to buy brands that address issues that matter to us, like equal pay, discrimination, sexual harassment, and job security.We are also being sake to wear something red.
On Strike Wednesday I’ll be supporting the cause wearing everything red I can.
However I do wish to mark the day in a fun playful post JPP way. How could I  honour my femininity?
 I will start with a list of everything I like about being female. I’ll also write a list of things only women like me can do.
That will rev my engines.
I may write a story or start a new entry in our next book about our powerful species. I may colour, paint and/or stamp a card for my best friend and send it, thanking her for  an almost life time of female friendship, a real treasure to me. I might give my gratitude to Mother Nature, the wise woman of all, and plan out my beloved garden design this year.  I will create.
I will. 
I may start a new Women’s Day Tradition like bake a bunt cake in honour of my departed friend Roz,  and have a slice for all the Norma Rae’s and Emmeline Pankhurst’s that got me here. 
I’ll definitely go for a bike ride and remember the suffragettes who used the bicycle as a symbol of freedom and personal transportation to spread the idea of women’s emancipation as they cycled from one town to another. 
As I cycle I will observe all the women wearing red and wave!
Come Wednesday I’ll paint my toes. Ill sing an Annie Lenox song out loud and remember my fight is so so easy compared to my sisters in poverty, sweat shops.and forced prostitution. 
I’ll be grateful and proud and wave my red clad arms to attract attention.
But next year let’s have a Women’s Creative Day to try to figure out some solutions to our peril existence and that of our fragile dying world. Not showing up to work is a good plan for unionized or white collar secure jobs (think male here).
The pink collar jobs which women are predominantly holding, you know those jobs, the jobs paying less, demanding more and holding little if any job security, demand a different wash especially for tomorrow. 

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