Amtrollica..the real America lives under the bridge

The election of Donald Trump was achieved by a huge number of voters who kept their support a dirty dark secret.
They told pollsters, Black and Muslim colleagues, Mexican neighbours, their gay and bisexual customers, their wives, sisters, and children they did not agree with the divisive hatred rhetoric of Trump.
But they do. Like the perverts who troll the internet under the cloak of anonymity, they voted for Trump once alone in the darkened ballot box.
They voted for their sick desire to turn the clock back to when white red neck polluting and plundering ignorant bigoted men with their dotting scared wives who dared not speak their mind- ruled and ran America.
If this wasn’t selfish enough, they have put the entire planet at risk.
The world is waking to a much different America, but also a much more vulnerable world.
The history books will note this pendulum swing.
I’m deeply saddened and highly troubled.
Moving forward will take immense courage
from us all. Goodness doesn’t always prevail as we see today.  Yet we must remember if we are to  keep our faith in humanity, that it does,  ultimately, win.

2 thoughts on “Amtrollica..the real America lives under the bridge

  1. Yes. An excellent read on this turn of events. We who love goodness must decide that this is the last ugly rearing of war and fear mongers, who get rich from wars and sacrifice the young who might challenge them.
    It is true that what we fear most are our own potentials for courage and greatness. Women! How bad does it have to get for you to stop being afraid of the male militarized business agenda and realize you are the world’s shopper/consumers and you vote with every purchase. You are powerful! You’ll change the world when you stop financing the agendas of big, bad brands. Big, bad brands now finance big bad governments.
    Change to good, clean and socially conscious brands and you’ll fix a lot that’s dooming us these days. Be a consumer revolution!
    Let’s decide we’re going to empower conscious commerce by supporting and nurturing brands that care about quality of life.
    Women, it is time to push play on supporting goodness, rather than hate mongers who imprison us in these ongoing dark ages.

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    • POWER is one of the 9 Pillars of Just Push Play – on Midlife. Leigh has a powerful (pun intended) and insightful piece on the enormous power we have as midlife women in making highly conscious choices in each and every thing that we purchase for ourselves and others. Stay tuned!


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