Turning 60

Yesterday I turned 60. A milestone birthday as they are called. Bigger than most, as they mark the entry into another decade.  For more than half those birthdays my best friend Crystal has joined me in my birthday celebration, and I with her. She and I have been jumping into each others new year, and yesterday was no exception.

On the big day we jumped, like kids, right off the pier into Lake Okanagan. Two Midlife women who don’t mind doing something a little crazy, or getting wet.  The water was chilly, not yet warmed by the early summer sunshine, and the drop off – exhillerating.

Our Mother’s Midlife would have us at this juncture, slow down, pipe down, and definitely stay dry. In fact, the outdated rules would not have us announcing the fact we were having a 60’s birthday!  Like our age was something to be kept secret, something not to celebrate.

The new script for our middle years, the one we share, in our about to be published book Just Push Play-on Midlife, is radically different, and way more fun. Our new Midlife mindset is all about Jumping into life, celebrating birthdays, and making some noise.

Yes Im so very grateful to have all my parts still moving, a family who loves me, and a best friend to hold my hand.  Those blessings, along with my new Midlife mindset, is going to keep me young, no matter what the numbers say. What we think we are is who we become.

Here come the 60’s and I can’t wait.

Spark On!

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2 thoughts on “Turning 60

  1. Well honey, many happy returns!! Where’s the book? I turned 62 last month and feel better than I have in years ☺. Life is very good. Call when you’re in town. We’ll ‘tea’ xxd

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  2. Fabulous thoughts! You go girls….

    60 looks great on you. I have been in the ocean the last two days…wonderful and wakes you up to be sure!



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