Lilian Weber, you have me in stitches!

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Crystal says:

Today, I came across a message shared by Gregg Braden about 100-year-old Lillian Weber who makes a dress a day from scratch for African girls. It was so affirming of the value of longevity to see Ms Weber at 100 still having good enough eyes and nimble enough fingers to sew a dress each day, to say nothing of the huge giving spirit that daily dress represents. I thought, we all need to know someone like Lillian.

As quickly as I thought that, I realized that I did know that person. When I was a little girl, my paternal great-grandmother kept her hands busy making layettes for Lotta Hitschmanova to send to India for Indian babies.  Raised in India until she was 16 years of age, my great grandmother knew the poverty into which many babies are born in that country, and made her layettes to make a difference for both the babies and their mothers. 

That kind of personal giving is rare now.  We have moved so far away from a time when women busied their hands with making things for their family and for others. Many of us think of charity as only giving money, not as giving of our talents, time, and selves.  It’s time for me to take a breath and think of Lillian and my own role model for personal giving, then find my own way to send my personal loving touch into the world.  Watch this blog for the results.  Join me, and share your own personal love messages to the world.

Tell us how you make the world a little better, and we will post your ideas and contributions for others to gain inspiration from

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