Write Your Story

GAB is a great place to get feedback, support, and encouragement . The writing prompts delve deep into your memories and helps articulate them in words. A great way to write your life story to gift to your children“.

Farida G. New York

Why Write my Life Story?   Why not is a better question. We all have a story worth sharing. Even if you have never left your hometown, you have taken forks in the road that has made your journey, unique.

Your Life Story is as individual as sea glass and just as collectible.

We all have our reasons for wanting to write our story.  Some of us may want to leave a legacy for our children or grandchildren.  Stories for those not yet born, but left behind so they will know you intimately long after we are gone.  Others may have started a memoir, but keep putting if off, or putting it down, finding it hard to kick start the idea on their own. Some of us are going through a transition, be that retirement, a career change, downsizing and leaving our family homes, empty nesting, all these and many more life challenges that make us seek a new direction, and a better sense of who we are, and where we are headed. Recalling and chronicling important milestones of our lives through the act of writing, and then sharing within the small intimate group setting is at the heart of the guided autobiography philosophy.


Writing and sharing life stories with others is an ideal way to find new meaning in life and to put life events into perspective. Enlivened and empowered, participants feel a new sense of direction and a deeper appreciation for hearing stories that speak to the human frailty in us all.  Just two pages a week, that’s all the writing necessary to start creating your Life Story project.  A collection of significant life events in your own words, augmented by a few choice photographs and some creative exercises and you are well on your way to completing a   time capsule of your journey for self reflection or for future generations.

Here is me with my Mom and Nana in England. I had just turned 5.IMG_3106-1